Oran Royston

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About Me

I have been a high performing coach for 7 years and I work in collaboration with my clients based on their current skill level. I am passionate about supporting their growth through education, training, and mentoring both physically and mentally. I am also the owner of a Brisbane gym, Strength Sanctuary, a gym located in North Brisbane, QLD. I invested in the fitness industry because of my desire to evolve my physical and mental form through a holistic approach of mind and body practices. In addition to training, I also support my clients in nutrition and mindset towards their desired goals. I believe that lasting results come from a change in lifestyle and ongoing support is necessary. My goal is to shift the mindset of “I can’t do this” to “I am excited to achieve…” I believe that a strong and beautiful physique is a reflection of a strong and beautiful mind.

Strength Sanctuary Brisbane Gym
Oran is a Qualified Personal Trainer And Online Health Coach.

Personal Training

As a personal trainer in Brisbane, I offer personalized fitness plans and one-on-one coaching to help you reach your health and wellness goals.

During our initial consultation, I will work with you to assess your current fitness level and develop a plan that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you want to improve your overall health, lose weight, build muscle, or increase your athletic performance, I have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

In addition to personalized workouts, I also offer nutrition guidance and support to help you make healthy choices and optimize your results. I am available to answer your questions and provide motivation and support throughout your journey.

Some of the benefits of working with a personal trainer include:

  • Individualized attention and support
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Expert guidance and instruction
  • Safe and effective workouts
  • Maximized results
  • Improved overall health and well-being

I am committed to providing the highest quality service and creating a positive and welcoming environment for all of my clients. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your fitness goals!


5:30am – 11:00am

3:00pm – 7:00pm


5:30am – 11:00am

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5:30am – 11:00am

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5:30am – 11:00am

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5:30am – 11:00am

3:00pm – 7:00pm

Training Rates

I am currently in Brisbane and will be taking bookings from January 2023.


Online Coaching





My Clients

As a personal trainer, I have a testimonial section on my website to showcase positive feedback and experiences from past clients. This section helps to highlight my skills and success in helping clients achieve their fitness goals, and provides potential clients with an idea of what to expect when working with me. The testimonials on my website include details about the specific results and improvements that my clients have experienced as a result of working with me, as well as general comments about their experience and my professionalism and approach. Reading through these testimonials can give potential clients a sense of confidence in my abilities and may help them to feel more comfortable and motivated to begin their own fitness journey with me.

Nat Hickey
Amber cook
Personal Transformation
Linton Everrett

What People Say About Me

I have been working with Oran for 5-6 months now, but it feels like I have been working with him forever. This purely comes from the amount he cares not only about your well-being, overall health, and goals inside of the gym but also how your life is going outside of the gym from hyping you up about life achievements and being there as someone who you can talk to if needed. Oran isn’t just a coach in my eyes he is a coach I would happily call my friend.


How Oran and I started working together was just through casual conversation, him seeing me do a few rounds of posing here and there and just got to talking about my goals and what I wanted to achieve. This furthered onto him coaching me and getting me to my leanest while also being insanely full/ large for the weight I was at. He takes care in getting you to where you want to be while also checking in on you to make sure everything is also do-able without burning yourself out/ being stressed out completely. Oran has taught me so much in the gym from just tiny techniques changes which has drastically improved my lifts, my bench press to give a prime example was a major issue for me as I could never move much weight and also felt super uncomfortable performing the exercise so I always opted not to do it. Oran has helped me go from barely being able to bench 50kgs for 5 reps to easily moving 70kgs for paused reps. Where I believe Oran shines is the fact that not only has he got so much knowledge inside of the gym but he has also taught me so much outside of the gym and just bettered my mental health and my perspective on things that I never would’ve thought were affecting my personal being.


Oran is a fantastic coach and friend and I couldn’t recommend him enough to anyone from beginners to advanced athletes.

Linton Everret

Coaching Client

“Oran and I are mates from high school. When we were out for my 21st bday and we got to chatting about gym and how I was keen to start training. For me at the time, it really came about from a desire to improve my mental health and fortitude, as well as to gain strength all-round and improve my posture.

Oran is very empathetic and has dealt with many of the same issues I have so he knew where I was coming from and genuinely wanted to help. When I first started training with him it was clear that I really lacked strength having never set foot in a gym prior to that. He kept me accountable and I would train very consistently. He would PT me twice a week and my progression was visibly taking form.

Oran’s passion and knowledge around strength training and mindfulness practices means that he provides a wholistic service to his clients. What really stands out though is that it’s coming from the heart. He keeps you accountable and really wants to see you succeed and better yourself.”

Nathaniel Hickey

Coaching Client